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last week we were in paris for a few days! instead of planning our trip around crazy vegan restaurants (although that is a very fun thing to do), we spent most of our time exploring the city on foot and snacking on whatever was nearby. that means we ate A LOT of baguettes, and you won’t hear any complaints from me about that. we did manage to hit up 2 noteworthy spots though. check it out:

one of our friends told us that l’as du fallafel has “the best falafel outside of israel”, and that we should check it out. i have never been to israel, but this stuff was definitely special. the default “vegetarian” sandwich is vegan, and the staff speak english, so it was easy to ensure that our food was safe to eat. on top of the killer sandwich, l’as also provided a pot of insanely hot harissa chili sauce and offered cold israeli beer to wash it all down. 

because l’as du falaffel is known to have an insane line, we showed up 15 minutes before they opened, and actually got a seat inside…which is supposedly unheard of. i guess most customers eat their sandwich in the street? next time i go, i’m definitely showing up early again! QG don’t eat in the street.

of course we scoped out the eiffel tower…

but the line was ridiculously long, so we didn’t go to the top. we did manage to get up the arc de triomphe though for some gorgeous views of the city…

not too far from our hotel was the ubiquitous loving hut. by far the biggest vegan chain on earth, they’ve got over 120 locations! the paris one is unique though, and we got some pretty nifty stuff including a wonderful cheesy mushroom crepe:

and a plate of the best vegan cheese i’ve ever eaten in my life:

this stuff is called vegusto, and it’s magical! i already tumbled about it here—-none of the other fake cheeses come close! loving hut also sells it at their counter along with some seitan products, and i was sure to stock up before leaving.

we also got some spring rolls which were nice, but nothing extraordinary.

the bar scene isn’t very hoppin’ in paris, but there are lots of quaint little “cafes” where you can get a nice beligian beer. i got several.

the coffee in paris is ridiculously good, and you can usually get it at the same cafes that sell beer—-tiny little portions of high quality espresso.

we smuggled some ms cupcake vegan sausage rolls into france from vx in london, and enjoyed them late at night in our hotel room with some french wine…

and lastly, on the train back to the UK, we ate yet another baguette and a wheaty spacebar sausage that we bought at loving hut.

we didn’t try hard at all, and we were able to find really memorable vegan food in paris. just a quick happycow search reveals all the places we didn’t visit, of which there are many! so whoever says paris isn’t for vegans is dead wrong.

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