the pub @ golden road brewing…

…AKA my new favorite place to hang out.

golden road brewing recently opened the doors of their very vegan-friendly pub, and after one visit, i’m hooked.

in addition to a growing roster of freshly brewed beers, golden road offers an extensive menu with plenty of inventive meatless options. we tried:

the pretzel with spicy mustard. it was simple yet tasty, and the mustard was hot as hell. this also comes with a vegan cheese option for an extra charge.

next up: vegan meatballs! not all soy fake meaty, instead these were made out of rice! so delectable, and served with cornbread.

lastly: the potato sandwich (CARB HEAVEN!): roasted tatties with cheesy sauce, onions, and arugula in a huge baguette. (no peppers!)

we washed it all down with plenty of point the way IPAs, which made for a splendid saturday.

on top of the plentiful vegan food and craft beer, the atmosphere at golden road is chill and comfortable—-there’s loads of seating, the servers are friendly, and there’s a jukebox stocked with lou reed, pixies, and the smiths. the only thing i would warn about is the fact it got a bit chilly due to the giant doors, so bundle up!

OH!!! and i ran into tal ronnen today at golden road—-haha! this place is obviously a hub for vegan “celebs”!

definitely check out golden road ASAP. there’s nothing like it in LA. cheers!

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    I completely heart their Burning Bush IPA.
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