city o’ city: too good for words.

words can’t adequately describe how much i love city o’ city in denver. it’s an entirely vegetarian bar/pizza place where everything can be made vegan—-and they’ve recently doubled the size of the menu and even added breakfast options. here’s what a table full of friends and i ate last time i was there (during the 2011 GABF):

buffalo seitan wings with “ranch” and celery.

fork & knife sandwich: meatless loaf with gravy and fries on a pretzel served with sautéed greens.

fried pickles drizzled with malt vinegar gastrique. 

florentine pizza with olive oil, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, homemade vegan cheese and rosemary.

the wings and the fork & knife sandwich were especially memorable. i’d say if you’re ever anywhere near denver, it’s worth making a special trip to city o’ city. wish we had a place like this in LA.

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