navigating breakfast in england

vegans have it made in england. there are multiple clearly-indicated vegetarian options on virtually every restaurant menu—-and most morning spots (as well as some pubs!) offer a vegetarian “full english breakfast”. this usually includes eggs, veggie sausage, baked beans, mushrooms and/or tomatoes, toast, and some sort of potato product. you’re usually safe to order this (just omit the eggs and in most cases the veggie sausage, specify no butter, and check the bread—-you know, the usual vegan 5th degree).

most places are happy to top you off with some extra mushrooms/beans/tomatoes/hash browns/whatever they have on hand. my advice is to take what’s available and make it into a breakfast sandwich:

this works almost ANYWHERE in england! diners, rest areas off the highway, hotels, bars, nice restaurants, you name it—-it’s crazy. there’s no menu item that’s this trusty and reliable for vegans across the country in the US. i’m jealous.

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