vegans: don’t eat gardein at yard house

i know that on my old blog, i posted about the vegan options at yard house several times…and i was super stoked when they started carrying gardein. after some back and forth with their staff in person and their PR company via email though, i’ve determined that it’s probably not safe to eat the gardein options there. the yard house prides itself on its ambiguity when it comes to vegan items, and though they have a menu full of the most popular fake meat on the planet, they refuse to confirm that they offer even one vegan item. i’ll spend my money and my calories elsewhere.

below is an abbreviated email exchange with someone on team yard house, which started with them sending me a press release about gardein items:

the first is the original email from yard house’s PR team about the gardein menu items:

then my response:

and their reply:

fucking bummer! what a wasted opportunity to offer vegan items at a huge chain restaurant. yard house should take a clue from zpizza and expand their customer base to include vegans.

if you have any more info on yard house’s continuation or departure from lameness, let me know.

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