vg burgers in boulder is closed. but really, who cares!

should i be sad that vg burgers, boulder colorado’s ONLY vegan restaurant, has now closed? i dunno, maybe. but it sucked big time. i went there on my birthday and had the most awful and expensive meal. everything was pre-packaged and not properly cooked. i know places like veggie grill proudly rock the generic frozen gardein in all their dishes, but at least they put some effort into it! 

anyways, in memory of vg burgers, here are some snaps of my underwhelming birthday meal—-which cost $30 and tasted like 5. BTW ATTN ALL RESTAURANTS: IF YOU EVER SHUT DOWN, UPDATE YOUR FUCKING WEBSITE!

burnt frozen hot wings. $5.99

boca bacon cheeseburger. $9.99

reuben that i could make at home. $7.99

tempeh was out of a package—-not heated, seasoned, nothing!

awkward atmosphere.

sorry you closed, vg! but you truly gave vegan restaurants a bad name.

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