burrito at el farolito in san francisco. the bay area is known for its bomb mexican food, and this divey establishment in the mission district is both vegan-friendly and LEGIT delicious. 

laura from vegansaurus turned me onto this place, saying they offered the best vegan burrito in town. it comes shoved full of black or pinto beans (those are both vegan!), rice, pico de gallo, and avocado. additionally, the restaurant is equipped with a huge salsa bar boasting fresh jalapenos and crazy hot sauces, plus free chips with your order—-score! while i haven’t eaten every vegan burrito in SF, i can definitely say that this is one of the top 2 burritos i’ve ever eaten in my life. massive, delicious, authentic, vegan. it’s battling pokez for the throne.

if you’re ever in SF, hit up el farolito! (i think they have several locations)

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