urbano pizza bar: a must visit

if you are a vegan living in los angeles, you should make it a priority to eat at urbano pizza bar downtown. trust me. the establishment just changed chefmanship, and under the supervision of exec chef bruce kalman, there’s a newfound focus on fresh vegetables and vegan options. most of the ingredients are handpicked at a local farmers market, and it really comes through in the taste. in fact, i’d venture to say that even though urbano is new to the vegan pizza game, they already make the best pie in town. here’s what we ate:

vegan farmers market pizza special of the night: daiya cheese, truffle oil, hedgehog mushrooms, spring onions, green garlic, leeks and pea tendrils. $14

(we sat at the chef’s counter, which has a great view of the kitchen!)

roasted sweet garlic, warm bread. $4


garlic oil in a medicine dropper? yes!

leafy broccoli, garlic, chilies, meyer lemon, balsamic. $7

antipasti: locally grown farmers market vegetables and grains. $6

on this night it was mushrooms, roasted asparagus, fennel, leeks, faro, and more. they left off the carrots because they were cooked in honey. props to urbano for knowing honey isn’t vegan.

heirloom fingerling potatoes and herbs. (no dip!) $6

roasted artichokes sans aioli.

great interior at urbano too—-long sleek tables and dim lighting.

i really can’t speak highly enough of this place. we loved the food, the atmosphere, the wine…everything. plus, there’s $5 parking at the library tower. just be sure to get validated. 

thanks for looking out for the vegans, urbano!

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