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i hit up natural products expo west for a couple hours today and had a blast! i didn’t get to see everything, not even close—-talk about vegan overload!—-but i did sample some great new and classic products. most exciting were the little gardein sliders i posted about earlier, the temptation soft serve machine at the chicago vegan foods booth, and some insane new flavored vegenaise varieties from follow your heart. (i’m talking horseradish and tartar sauce!) mind blowing. ALSO, austin-based queso makers food for lovers (one of my favorite brands ever) has come out with a new killer chipotle mayo and will soon be releasing a fat free country gravy. already having fantasies about that. if the gravy is half as good as the queso, i know i’ll be adding it to practically every meal. 

one booth i didn’t make it to today, and i’m so bummed, is eat pastry. they make fantastic vegan cookie dough and have recently sent me samples of their new sugar cookie flavor. outta this world.

i know this isn’t as in depth as my previous expo west coverage, but i thought you all would enjoy a few snaps.

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    OMG. My family needs to register me for the natural food expo next year!!! DROOLING!
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