the most recent addition to my overflowing vegan cookbook arsenal is chloe’s kitchen (by food network’s cupcake wars champion chloe coscarelli), and i must have thumbed through it at least a dozen times before deciding what to make first. the book is rife with tantalizing recipes (creamy scalloped potatoes, LA chimichurri tacos, double double drive-thru burgers!), and after much deliberation i arrived at the vegetable-laden asian entree, chinese takeout chow mein. 

bursting with flavor and simple to prepare, this dish was an instant hit at our house—in fact, we’ve already bought ingredients to make it again this week! it maintained the look and feel of old school chinese takeout, without the icky greasiness or animal bits. plus, this was a meal that tasted just as good left over…and it gave me an excuse (as if i need one!) to bust out the sriracha. a+! 

i’ll report back as i try more recipes from chloe’s kitchen, but so far i’m off to a really good start. almost every recipe is accompanied by a giant, full color, mouthwatering photograph…so i’m having a hell of a time deciding what to make next. 

you can find chloe’s kitchen on amazon, and probably at your local book store!

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