listen: of all the places i’ve eaten at since i started blogging back in the day, liticker’s mexican grill is definitely one of the most special finds (huge thanks to matt for the tip!). click the pictures above to enlarge… 

imagine a small mexican food stand that serves cheap/delicious grub while operating out of a liquor store. one dude somehow grilling up a giant menu that would seem to require a staff at least 4 times the size. awesome. this operation doesn’t only make insane food, but also serves it at insane hours (8am to 2am daily). breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night munchies, you’re covered. add to that, this place has a separate vegan menu—-and not just “leave out the chicken and cheese” vegan, we’re talking seitan burritos, tempeh fish tacos, scrambles, enchiladas, etc. that’s liticker’s.

we hit up liticker’s at 9am for some burritos to see what they could do. in case you aren’t already aware, 9am is not typical burrito hour, but liticker’s brought their a-game. while waiting for our food, we nabbed a table outside the liquor store (not many seats at this place, so your experience may vary) and gorged ourselves on free chips and possibly the hottest salsa i’ve ever eaten. 

our food took about 10 minutes from counter order to serving plate, and it was phenomenal. i can personally vouch for the seitan burrito, the tempeh tj style tacos, and the soyrizo potato burrito. all amazing—-and ridiculously so when you take into account that they were consumed at 9am, at a liquor store, in a beautiful beach city. 

liticker’s, i love you. 

check out their website here and their menu here.

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