thank you, M Cafe!!

i am so excited for the LA Vegan Beer and Food Fest on saturday…especially since M Cafe, one the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles, is making a generous donation of grub for the volunteer after party!!

photo credit: cindy choi

seriously, if you haven’t been to m cafe, get over there now!! the menu is macrobiotic and entirely vegan with the exception of clearly labeled fish items, and has something for everyone—-breakfast, healthy salads, sushi, burgers, and plenty of desserts.

my favorite must try items at m cafe are the vegan benedict (it’s my favorite brunch meal in town!):

the vegan benedict: grilled whole-grain baguette, steamed kale, tomato, tempeh bacon and soy hollandaise. $10.25

and also the big macro, which a serious vegan burger with all the fixins:

the big macro: whole grain brown rice and vegetable burger, special sauce, lettuce, soy mozzarella, tomato, pickles, onion, and sprouts on a house-baked whole wheat bun. $10.45 (photo credit: cindy choi)

in addition to the hearty stuff, m cafe can keep it light and healthy as well. their new spring menu is full appetizing items such as raw almond sushi, kale and shiitake ohitashi, and a barley and green garbanzo bean salad.

photo credit: cindy choi

M Cafe has two locations—-one in Beverly Hills and one on Melrose, so go get your grub on ASAP!

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