Slice of Vegas: Vegan Pizza Day!

as you probably know, saturday june 30th is officially vegan pizza day (that means it’s your duty to eat vegan pizza), and lots of restaurants around the country are offering discounts to help you celebrate! the latest pizzeria to come on board is the new and stylish slice of vegas in las vegas’ mandalay place!

all day on june 30th, slice of vegas will be offering a buy one get one free deal on vegan pizzas! they offer a 12” pie for $18.95 and an 18” for $29.95. are you thinking what i’m thinking?! PIZZA PARTY AT SLICE OF VEGAS! grab some friends and let’s party. i’ve heard their pizza is amazing and i’m definitely down with their fab interior design:

thank you, slice of vegas, for being part of vegan pizza day! readers, report back and email me your photos of vegan pizza day …i will post them all on this site!

photo credit: slice of vegas Facebook!

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