UPDATED: Beretta in San Francisco celebrates Vegan Pizza Day!

update! beretta has announced their vegan special for june 30th: Broccolini, onion, ginger, olives, capers, tomatoes, vegan cheese ($15)! sounds amazing. SF, go eat it!!

SO STOKED! why can’t i be in san francisco on june 30th?! our friends at vegansaurus have hooked up a special menu item in honor of vegan pizza day at the swanky mission pizzeria and cocktail bar, beretta. we aren’t sure what the special VPD pie will be yet, but when we have details we will update you! for now, you should check out beretta for their year round vegan options (vegan cheese and sausage!) plus incredible drink menu. read more about that on vegansaurus’ beretta review.

i want to eat a this place so hard.


photo credit: Melissa B on yelp

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