washington! zeeks pizza will be offering specials on saturday for vegan pizza day!

so awesome to see omnivore pizzerias with such a far reach like zeeks pizza getting involved in vegan pizza day! it’s spreading like wildfire! zeeks has several locations in washington state and they’ll be offering the following deal on saturday june 30th for vegan pizza day…

$3 off any large vegan pizza. All except for 2 of our veggie pizzas (Frog Belly Green and Weekend Hippie) can be made vegan by omitting the cheese. Our Veggie Thai and Treehugger pizzas are definitely two of the tastiest options, as they both have tons of veggies on them.

VEGGIE THAI PIZZA? sounds amazing! if you are in washington, please eat this pizza and let me know how it is! don’t forget to email me photos of your pizza , everybody. i will post it on the site!

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