vegan pizza day recap!

GUYS! vegan pizza day was crazy. thousands of people around the world joined together and did something really important: they ate vegan pizza. i’d like to thank all the restaurants who participated by offering discounts, all the bloggers and tweeters who helped spread the word about the event, and all the people who made it happen by eating vegan pizza. and an extra huge thanks to chicago vegan foods for dreaming up this magical holiday. i’m still full and i’m already looking forward to next year. 

for those of you who want to see some photos of the event, there are 450 uploaded to instagram! check it out. here’s a preview….

omg yummmm.


as for what i ate, i enjoyed a pepperoni and artichoke calzone from pizza guru in santa barbara…

plus a pizza with vegan garlic white sauce, artichoke hearts, roasted potatoes, mushroom and garlic…

we also have some pizza snaps readers around the web! check it:

a french fry pizza with cheddar Daiya cheese and thin-cut fries from kelly at fuck yeah vegan pizza

breakfast pizza with garlic sauce, scrambled tofu & veggies, and cheddar Daiya cheese from kelly at fuck yeah vegan pizza!

cheezy chorizo calzones from cottage cupcakes for v revolution in manchester!

josegermo’s vegan pepperoni slice at vinnie’s in brooklyn!

hannah’s vegan chicken pizza from tomato joe’s in santa clarita (one of my favorite pizzerias!)

pizza crawlers making the echo park journey from mohawk bend to two boots to masa to LA pizza company to sunset beer company!

chicago style deep dish at masa of echo park, from greg c!

kmudrick’s buffalo wing pie at blackbird pizzeria in philly!

the quarrygirl pizza at source in SF!! from sky at vegan favorites!

from neysha: “Surfboard pizzas on ciabatta loaf with Barilla’s basilico pasta sauce, broccoli, fresh corn, and garlic scapes. My BF added Alexia’s beer battered onion rings to his!”

homemade gluten-free pizza with kale, zucchini, broccolini, cashew cream and avocado by christine of veggie fixation!

homemade pizza with cashew cheese and tomatoes by lindsay f.

last but not least, a gorgeous dessert pizza with dandies from chicago vegan foods.

2013 is going to be even better. let’s try to make everyday a little more like vegan pizza day.

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