vegan cupcakes! they really are taking over the world, and last week i was lucky enough to get a free delivery of them in several forms from sweet e’s: the mini bakeshop in beverly hills. i’ve posted about their tiny treats before—-not only are they tasty, but they are always so beautifully decorated. (remember when they made a quarrygirl cupcake?!?!?)

in addition to the normal miniature cupcakes, i tried their new vegan poppers (cute cakey balls with frosting in the middle and on the top) and vegan cupcake push pops. the idea of making a cupcake into a push pop is kinda genius—-it’s like eating a cupcake lollypop! they alternate layers of cake and frosting so you get some of each in every bite, and they’re served on a stick which means easy to eat and no mess. 

thanks sweet e’s! please keep the new products coming in vegan flavors! check them out if you haven’t already. beverly hills can be a bit of a wasteland for vegans, so it’s great that there’s a bakery that caters to us.

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    Vegans are truly pioneering the art of cupcakery
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    boo…i dont like this. what happened to a plate and fork…or bowl and spoon? do we really need to make all this plastic...
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    oh emm gee, vegan mini cupcake push pops!
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