vegan grilled cheese and a mini beer fest! thursday at the sunset strip market!

super excited! this thursday evening (9/27!), our pals at the roxy are taking over the sunset strip market with a mini craft beer fest that will include live music and a grilled cheese stand…and YES, there will be vegan options! 

i sampled the vegan sandwich from the roxy grilled cheese club back at the LA vegan beer fest in may and it was mighty gooey and delicious—-i’m so glad they’re bringing it back on thursday! the weekly sunset strip farmers market was launched just a few months ago, and i’m thinking this is the perfect opportunity to check it out if you haven’t already. come on down to weho on thursday between 5-9pm to enjoy live music, quality beer, vegan grilled cheese, and organic goods from local farmers. bring your shopping bag, because you’ll need it! entrance is free

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