fuck yes. LA has been in dire need of good vegan donuts, and finally the wait is over. starting now hedgehog coffee shop in echo park will be stocking limited quantities of twice baked vegan donuts on fridays and weekends starting at 9am in the following flavors: maple glazed with coconut bacon, maple glazed with crumb topping, and chocolate glazed with sprinkles. GO GET SOME. if the donuts sell well, they’ll become a regular fixture at hedgehog which would be good news for everyone! 

if you haven’t heard of twice baked vegan, it’s a fantastic little local bakery that makes some of the most delicious and inventive treats i’ve ever tried. seriously, go go go get some donuts. i will race you to the maple bacon one. it’s miiiiine! 

follow @twicebakedvegan on twitter to track their donut drop offs, and you may also want to call hedgehog for availability in case they sell out. 

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    rare find indeed! Go pick one up today and grab...damn fine coffee from Hedgehog!
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