new fall menu at native foods on TUESDAY!

just a quick update with more info on the new fall menu at native foods that will hit all locations tomorrow!

pizzas will be off the menu. the caesar salad will be off the menu. they’re bringing the OC raw chopper salad back, along with a new cobb salad that contains crispy shallots and tofu bacon. the bistro steak sandwich (pictured above) will be added to the menu!! the maryland tempeh cakes are history, and will be replaced with polenta bites. new soups include split pea with garlic croutons and french onion with native cheese. vanilla cupcakes, cardamom rose cupcakes and strawberry shortcakes will be taken off the menu and replaced with pumpkin pie (served with ginger cream on the side), pumpkin cheesecake (served with a maple pecan sauce), and an oatmeal cookie cream sandwich!

fun stuff! 

photo via native foods on facebook

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