VEGAN GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! a public service announcement.


hey guys! i just wanna make a quick little public service announcement on how to find vegan girl scout cookies. as you may or may not know, girl scouts of america get their cookies from one of two bakeries—-little brownies (which has no vegan options) and abc (which has a few vegan options). if you find girl scouts selling abc cookies, the thin mints, peanut butter patties, thanks-a-lot and lemonades are all animal free. SCORE.

for a quick and easy way to tell which bakery the cookies are from, pay attention to the cookie names. little brownies brands their peanut butter cookies as “tag-a-longs” while abc calls them “peanut butter patties”…therefore if you run into girl scouts selling “peanut butter patties”, you are good to go. however, if they’re selling “tag-a-longs”, you are outta luck.

unfortunately the girl scouts in LA get their cookies from little brownie bakers, but vegan cookies can be found just south in orange county where abc is the bakery of choice. my friend david who lives down there was kind enough to send me a few boxes of thin mints and thanks-a-lots, and i’m kinda freaking out. they’re so good, just like i remember, and i haven’t eaten girl scout cookies in over ten years. if you feel like making the trip to the OC to buy some of these babies, you can use this super convenient tool called the girl scout cookie stalker to find out where girls will be selling cookies. 

now go stalk some girl scouts and stock up on thin mints!


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    I don’t know if this is old news or what. THE POINT THOUGH, IS THAT I FINALLY GOT SOME GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, so I’m going...
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    Good to know!!
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    these are in my belly!!!
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    Do I know anyone near orange county who can send me a box of vegan thin mints? I’d love you forever.
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    this is the best day of my life.
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    Such great news. Only bad news...that Angelenos have
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    Another reason girl scouts > boy scouts. as if you needed another reason.
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    we use to have abc for the longest time cause I grew up with peanut butter patties but last couple years we have tag a...
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    most important information i’ve come across
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