vegan carrot dog at fritzi! it’s crazy!


this is definitely a new addition to my “OMG YOU MUST EAT THIS” list of food items in los angeles. hat tip to randy clemens from la mag for telling me about it…because i’m officially smitten with the vegan option at fritzi dog in the fairfax farmers market. it’s made from an actual carrot (can you wrap your mind around that?!)—-but not just any carrot, a special carrot marinated in special stuff and cooked in special ways. check out the la mag story for more about the process. 

technique aside, the carrot dog blew my mind. it was soft and flavorful with vegetable toppings, spicy mustard and sriracha ketchup (!), served on a fluffy bun. a word to the vegans: only the parker bun and gluten-free bun are suitable for us. the others contain egg or dairy.

get ye to farmers market and try this thing. just trust me.

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