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seed bistro to close :(

bummer!! one of my favorite restaurants in LA, seed bistro, is closing its doors on april 28th. hurry up and eat there before it’s too late. 

to read about my epic multi-course meal at seed bistro last year, click here.

here’s the official word on why seed is shutting. SUCH A SHAME!!!i hope i have a chance to sneak in one last meal at the wilshire location.

Chef Eric Lechasseur would like to THANK the friends, family, diners and supporters that have arrived at Seed Bistro over the previous months for your love, generosity, and support.  It has been a true labor of love for us to pursue our dreams.  However, we have received surprising notice from our former business partners in Japan that this location will be closed, effective April 28, 2012.   After great thought and consideration, we have elected to abide by their decision and cease operations at this location.  We have already begun the process of scouting a new location, a location that will include the restaurant as an integral piece of a lager health and wellness center, as per our original vision for Seed Bistro.  As details arrive, we hope to share them with you as soon as possible.  Again, we thank you sincerely for your very generous support of Seed Bistro.  

PLEASE NOTE: Seed Kitchen (1604 Pacific, Venice CA) REMAINS OPEN DAILY - Please stop by SOON and say HELLO. ( | 1604 Pacific Ave Venice, CA | 310.396.1604). 

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