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quarrygirl cupcakes are on sale this week from clara’s cakes! eeeep, this is such exciting news! my favorite bakery—-which happens to be all vegan and teenage owned!—-has named my favorite cupcake after me, and they’re on special offer! i’m talking about TIRAMISU CUPCAKES: magnifico vanilla base with espresso filling and cream cheese, topped with delicato cream cheese frosting and cocoa powder with a single chocolate chip. aka: probably the best vegan cupcakes you’ll ever eat. don’t miss this chance!

all you need to do is order some delectable tiramisu cupcakes by monday april 16th, and you’ll get 10% off! hit up clara via email or through her awesome new website to order.

and of course, follow clara’s cakes on twitter and facebook!

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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