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get vegan donuts this weekend from clara’s cakes!!

this weekend just got a whole lot better because clara’s cakes added donuts to the menu at their sunday atwater village farm pop-up event. it has a valentine’s day theme, so you’ll be able to get heart pocket pies, chocolate caliente cookie sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes, and now…DONUTS! vegan donuts are pretty hard to come by in LA, and clara’s are incredible, so you don’t wanna miss this pop up! 

see you sunday 11am-4pm

atwater village farm, 3224 glendale blvd 



fuck yes. LA has been in dire need of good vegan donuts, and finally the wait is over. starting now hedgehog coffee shop in echo park will be stocking limited quantities of twice baked vegan donuts on fridays and weekends starting at 9am in the following flavors: maple glazed with coconut bacon, maple glazed with crumb topping, and chocolate glazed with sprinkles. GO GET SOME. if the donuts sell well, they’ll become a regular fixture at hedgehog which would be good news for everyone! 

if you haven’t heard of twice baked vegan, it’s a fantastic little local bakery that makes some of the most delicious and inventive treats i’ve ever tried. seriously, go go go get some donuts. i will race you to the maple bacon one. it’s miiiiine! 

follow @twicebakedvegan on twitter to track their donut drop offs, and you may also want to call hedgehog for availability in case they sell out. 

vegan brunch at pepples donut farm in oakland

on a recent trip to the bay area, we were super lucky to be treated to an epic vegan brunch at the donut farm by none other than laura, the queen of one of our favorite blogs ever: vegansaurus! it was so insanely good. fresh donuts, lots of savory items, and giant portions. dear donut farm, please open in LA. dear vegansaurus crew, i can’t wait for you to come to LA so i can take you out and return the favor. here’s what we ate:

biscuits AND DONUTS and gravy! fucking intense. having a breakfast donut covered in gravy is one of the most gluttonous/crazy things i’ve ever eaten, and i loved it. it came with hash browns too.

breakfast burrito w/ mole and potatoes. topped w/ avocado.

waffles w/ fixins and homemade vegan butter.

good old fashioned scramble w/ toast, potatoes, loads of vegetables.

if i lived in the bay area, i’d be at the pepples brunch every weekend! no doubt.

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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