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this weekend marked the re-opening of tom bergin’s, and of course we were there to celebrate. established in 1936, the fairfax bar is the oldest irish pub in los angeles, and it has been a staple haunt for me since before i was legally allowed to drink. i’m happy to report that after “renovations” not much has changed - it’s a bit brighter inside, the bathrooms are nicer, the beer selection is better (hello stone ipa!), and it’s all around cleaner. the shamrocks and NYC irish pub vibe are still intact.

just steps aways from tom bergin’s is LA’s little ethiopian district, so we decided to hit up rosalind’s for a vegetarian combination after our drinking session. big enough for 2 to share, the combo is a mixture of assorted vegan stews served on a giant piece of spongy bread for around $13. collard greens, lentils, carrots, potatoes, cabbage…all wonderful! 

i’m telling you guys, fairfax date night. bergin’s and ethiopian. do it.

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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