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this weekend we made a quick getaway to long beach and hit up some of the beach communities on the way, which of course meant lunch at one of our favorite healthy haunts: the spot. located just steps from the ocean in hermosa beach, the spot has been around for decades and serves a menu consisting of basic yet delicious meatless fare. in fact, they claim to be the oldest vegetarian restaurant in LA (how hermosa beach counts as LA, i dunno!), and they even have a genuine paul mccartney autograph/endorsement on the wall.

i’ve sampled the burritos and various plates at the spot in the past (all awesome!), but this time i opted for the “savory spud”: a baked potato topped with an assortment of steamed vegetables and sauce. i asked for red sauce instead of savory because that stuff is super decadent, and it was an excellent meal. fucking expensive (a baked potato and vegetables is $12?! this is a hippy restaurant, not a steakhouse!), but delicious all the same.

despite the gouging prices, i’ll always love the great healthy food at the spot.

i had been looking forward to the sexy vegan cookbook for ages. brian (the author) used to write incredible guest posts for my old blog, and i knew from personal experience that his home delivery service was delicious. naturally when the highly anticipated cookbook arrived in the mail, i had no idea what to make first.

luckily, brian helped me with the decision. his book is littered with witty side notes, and in the soup section, he mentions that soup is his favorite food. it was decided: i’d first make a soup recipe. while thumbing through the several appetizing options, i noticed that brian called out minestrone as his favorite soup. the favorite of the favorite! i bought all the ingredients that day and set out to make the minestrone that night.

i’m happy to report that it lived up to the double favorite bar in every way. it was simple to make, healthy, flavorful and hearty. it coved all the necessary bases: beans for protein, noodles for carbs, and loads of fresh vegetables. 

can’t wait to work my way through the rest of the sexy vegan cookbook!

for more sexy vegan, check out his site here. buy the cookbook here. and attend the LA vegan beer and food fest, where he’ll be cheffin’!

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