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VEGAN VIDEO: Quarrygirl Presents Susan Feniger’s STREET

hey guys! today’s vegan video is on one of the very best restaurants in los angeles, susan feniger’s STREET. this is the kind of place you want to take your non-vegan friends to show them how amazing meatless food can be. from their inventive all vegetarian tasting menus to their vegan holiday specials, STREET is always pushing the limits of plant-based cuisine and coming up with new delicious experiences. we caught up with chef kajsa alger to learn about the best items on the menu and why everyone can eat together at STREET. 

Today only!! STUFFED POTATO SKINZ AT DOOMIE’S!! Go get ‘em!

Today only!! STUFFED POTATO SKINZ AT DOOMIE’S!! Go get ‘em!

saigon spring rolls from toi on sunset. these are cold vietnamese rolls filled with vegetables, rice noodles, and tofu served with a carousel of hot sauces (if you request it!). i usually slather mine in an obscene amount of chili paste. just be sure to ask for the vegetarian/vegan rolls because shrimp is an option. toi is amazing—-great atmosphere, late hours, and delicious vegan-friendly food. definitely my favorite thai place in LA. 

we will miss you, blue palms!

UPDATE: this just in via a tweet from a blue palms bartender: they have 3 more days in business, get over there!

sad, sad, sad. due to some totally bullshit lease drama, today is the last day of business for one of our favorite bars in los angeles: blue palms brewhouse. we said goodbye to it this afternoon with a craftsman triple white sage. if you read this in time, go hit up blue palms tonight for some damn good beer and a vegan sausage. end of an era.

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