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vegan breakfast in london

one of the best places to get a vegan breakfast in london is inspiral lounge in camden. there’s nothing traditional about this little restaurant’s take on the “traditional” english breakfast—-in fact their version is quite extraordinary! 

a british breakfast consisting of meat, beans, potatoes, and toast is usually called a “fry up”—-yet inspiral refers to their healthy animal-free version as a “bake up”, which is quite fitting! 

this breakfast was so good, i ate it three times in one week, and even that wasn’t enough. for a mere ₤6.45 it comes with scrambled tofu, homemade veggie sausage, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, homemade baked beans, and toast! the whole plate is amazing, but the stand outs are definitely the beans and sausage. 

beware: inspiral can be inconsistent, not in the quality, but in the quantity of certain items. depending on when you go, they may be out of something…but they’re always happy to give you extra of something else.

more bad news: service is slow and the wifi situation is absolutely bonkers (you have to go through a code obstacle course to get connected—-just ask for the password and you’ll see what i mean; it’s a trip!), but overall this place gets a solid A in my book.

definitely one of the best vegan breakfasts in london. served from 9am-11:30am daily.

oh, and please note this place seems entirely vegan, and the food is, but they use dairy milk in coffee. bastards!

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