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celebrate vegan pizza day at portobello in portland!

yipee! portobello in portland is one of the best vegan restaurants in the country (and on the planet!) and they’re rolling out some special pies on june 30th for vegan pizza day. if you are in PDX, hit them up! their pizza is life-alteringly good. and i have reservations there next thursday. so fucking stoked.

amico bio in london

i love, love, love amico bio in london. it’s an all vegetarian italian restaurant with plenty of vegan options, and the ambiance and food are both lovely.

homemade focaccia bread, gaeta olives and extra virgin olive oil.

pan fried polenta with mixed mushrooms.

seitan and vegetable wrap.

fusilli pasta with artichoke.

perrini organic wine.

although amico bio is a nice classy restaurant, everything is moderately priced. entrees are between ₤7-8 each. a must visit!

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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