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pitfire pizza: get it together!

let me start by saying: i think pitfire pizza is awesome and delicious. they have several locations in LA and serve some pretty tasty “artisan” (what does that word REALLY mean?!) pizzas with daiya cheese as an option. i raved about them previously here. 

however after eating several screwed WTF? meals at the north hollywood location, i need to voice my frustration! for the most part, i love it. i love ordering at the counter, i love the crisp toppings, the craft beer selection, the sunlit dining area. however, my last 4 pitfire experiences have included vegan orders that accidentally/negligently included animal products. fucked up! here’s the latest:

hit up pitfire today with a group of vegan homies. we scheduled our break from work accordingly—-at noon, before the lunch rush. here’s what went wrong:

-sublime was playing when we arrived, only to be followed by the red hot chili peppers. awful vs terrible.

-after braving the long line, we were told pitfire was out of vegan cheese. our crew had to roll cheeseless. that’s fine, but not so great when you’re getting a bunch of vegans together to have a special lunch.

-my pal’s pizza came out covered in the correct toppings…plus arugula. she mentioned it was wrong, and the staff apologized but didn’t immediately offer her a new pizza. she decided to just eat it, only to find out after one slice that it had random REAL CHEESE shreds streaked across it. 

-to be fair, pitfire offered up a gift card, but the damage had been done.

such a weird, uncomfortable dining experience. right? previous to this, i’ve had the following fuck ups: real cheese in my vegan salad (twice), real cheese AND daiya on my parents’ vegan pizza. WHO PUTS REAL CHEESE AND VEGAN CHEESE ON A VEGAN PIZZA?

glad that’s off my chest. i encourage you all to eat at pitfire. it’s great. but if you eat at the valley location, inspect the fuck outta your food!

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