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VIDEO: quarrygirl presents sage vegan bistro and kindkreme dairy-free ice cream

in this week’s edition of our new vegan video series, we catch up with mollie englehart, the owner of sage vegan bistro and kindkreme dairy-free ice cream parlors. sage has been open less than 2 years, but has already gained a reputation as one of the best vegan spots in los angeles, and is definitely one of my personal favorites. similarly, kindkreme is the go-to place in LA for vegan dessert and has already opened 3 locations! in this video, mollie, who was born and raised vegan, fills us in on what inspired her to open kindkreme and why all foodies should check out sage. 

sage vegan in echo park

we are very lucky to have sage vegan bistro in los angeles. i’ve only eaten there a handful of times, but on each visit i’ve been astounded by the high quality of the food and the inventiveness of the menu. where else can you get fried mac n cheese balls, a croissant club sandwich, and potato broccoli pierogies—-all animal-free—-all in one place? they’ve got everything from comfort food to haute cuisine, brunch through dinner, and desserts provided by kind kreme, the best vegan ice cream maker in LA. what’s not to love? i hit up sage with brittany recently for the first time in years and loved every bite of it. 

french lentil soup in a bread bowl - fantastic. vegan soup in a bread bowl is super hard to find and sage does it perfectly. 

banh mi sandwich - this was britt’s and she loved it. 

from here on out, i make a vow to eat at sage more often. and next time, i’m gonna order dessert. i deserve it. 

BTW, sage vegan bistro is BYOB. and it’s a great place to eat before a night out at the echo

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