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a quick day trip to the bay area lead to our random discovery of delarosa, a high end vegan-friendly pizza bar with lots of great beer on draught (not to mention wine and cocktails). while the menu offers both vegan sausage and vegan cheese (soy-based/not daiya), we opted instead for the naturally vegan and cheese-less spicy marinara pie. exquisite!! check this place out. the pizza is phenomenal and the tap list isn’t fucking around.

UPDATED: Beretta in San Francisco celebrates Vegan Pizza Day!

update! beretta has announced their vegan special for june 30th: Broccolini, onion, ginger, olives, capers, tomatoes, vegan cheese ($15)! sounds amazing. SF, go eat it!!

SO STOKED! why can’t i be in san francisco on june 30th?! our friends at vegansaurus have hooked up a special menu item in honor of vegan pizza day at the swanky mission pizzeria and cocktail bar, beretta. we aren’t sure what the special VPD pie will be yet, but when we have details we will update you! for now, you should check out beretta for their year round vegan options (vegan cheese and sausage!) plus incredible drink menu. read more about that on vegansaurus’ beretta review.

i want to eat a this place so hard.

photo credit: Melissa B on yelp

source in san francisco celebrates vegan pizza day with QUARRYGIRL and VEGANSAURUS PIZZAS (plus more, and discounts, pinch me)!!!!

YES! source is one of my all time favorite vegetarian restaurants (remember that time they made me sign a waiver to eat hot sauce? yeah we spend holidays together—-it’s serious!), and they’re participating in vegan pizza day on june 30th. not just participating, but they’re offering up a whole new menu of vegan pies, one of which is named after ME and there’s another named after my BFF blog vegansaurus. PLUS if you mention quarrygirl or vegansaurus, you get 10% off one of those specials (not the entire menu)! is this too good to be true?! no, it’s really happening! here’s the lowdown on their vegan pizza day offerings on june 30th straight from the source: 

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burrito at el farolito in san francisco. the bay area is known for its bomb mexican food, and this divey establishment in the mission district is both vegan-friendly and LEGIT delicious. 

laura from vegansaurus turned me onto this place, saying they offered the best vegan burrito in town. it comes shoved full of black or pinto beans (those are both vegan!), rice, pico de gallo, and avocado. additionally, the restaurant is equipped with a huge salsa bar boasting fresh jalapenos and crazy hot sauces, plus free chips with your order—-score! while i haven’t eaten every vegan burrito in SF, i can definitely say that this is one of the top 2 burritos i’ve ever eaten in my life. massive, delicious, authentic, vegan. it’s battling pokez for the throne.

if you’re ever in SF, hit up el farolito! (i think they have several locations)

vegan at SFO airport

if you’re ever flying out of san franciso, be sure to book virgin america from SFO…because that means you’ll get to leave from terminal 2, which is crazy vegan-friendly.

go to terminal 2, seek out plant cafe, and you won’t be sorry. they have vegan burgers, wraps, quinoa plates, baked goods, and more…AT AN AIRPORT, PEOPLE! here’s what we ate:

an asian wrap with tofu and vegetables.

a vegan burger made of beets (it was excellent!).

a vegan cupcake, just because you gotta.

prices were a bit high, but that goes for ALL food at airports. and plant wasn’t the only airport resto with meatless options, there was a wine bar next door with a few clearly labeled vegan menu items.

yay san francisco! 

rosamunde sausage grill

good times: some beers and a vegan field roast sausage at rosamunde sausage grill in san francisco’s mission district. unlike the haight location, this one is a proper bar and sit down restaurant. 

the food at rosamunde is excellent, the staff members are knowledgeable about veganism (separate grill!), and the beer list rules. i did, however, see a mouse in the bathroom…if that sorta thing bothers you!

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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