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adama vegan in santa barbara

santa barbara has more restaurants per capita than any other city on the west coast, yet surprisingly only one of those establishments is vegan: adama. fortunately, the place rocks - the decor is sheik, the service is impeccable, the booze list is plentiful, and most importantly, the food is varied and delicious. recently we chowed down on some hearty sandwiches and a knish appetizer, all of which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

potato knish with mustard. $4

club sandwich: “bacon”, seitan, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. served with salad. $14

"pastrami" sandwich: slices of pepper encrusted seitan seasoned with fennel and caraway, thinly sliced cucumber, mustard, and cole slaw. served with a side salad. $11

everything was on point—-large portions of extremely well prepared tasty food. in addition to their lunch menu, adama serves breakfast, dinner, and dessert. seriously, this place is a must when visiting santa barbara. i know i’ll never pass through without a meal at adama.

adama vegan comfort cuisine

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