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vegan sausage party at link n hops!

i know what you’re thinking: "all LA needs is another vegan-friendly beer and sausage bar." and it’s TRUE! there can never ever ever be enough!! link n hops in atwater village is the latest addition, and it’s fantastic. an impressive variety of vegan sausage flavors, a solid toppings selections, condiments galore and lots of craft beer on tap…bonus points for being super close to my office. i’m sold.

vegan english breakfast

vegan english breakfast

sausages, ravioli, broccoli and vegan parmesan

sausages, ravioli, broccoli and vegan parmesan

made vegan (and low fat!) bangers and mash tonight with this PPK recipe for the sausage and appetite for reduction caulipots for the mash. fucking amazing!

rosamunde sausage grill

good times: some beers and a vegan field roast sausage at rosamunde sausage grill in san francisco’s mission district. unlike the haight location, this one is a proper bar and sit down restaurant. 

the food at rosamunde is excellent, the staff members are knowledgeable about veganism (separate grill!), and the beer list rules. i did, however, see a mouse in the bathroom…if that sorta thing bothers you!

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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