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get your crust stuffed at pizza pi in seattle for vegan pizza day!!

you heard me right: vegan stuffed crust at pizza pi! the all vegan seattle pizzeria is offering to stuff your crust full of teese at no additional charge on saturday june 30th in honor of vegan pizza day. if that’s a bit too decadent for you, feel free to grab a topping of your choice for free. DUDE. I HAVE NEVER HAD VEGAN STUFFED CRUST PIZZA. i have been dying to try it ever since that vegansaurus post. seattle, get on this.

pictured above is the “mushroom lovers”: white garlic sauce, mushrooms, black olives, artichoke hearts and fresh tomatoes, and a stuffed crust!

BTW i haven’t been to pizza pi in years, and their menu is so much better than i remember—-it’s looking like the stuff dreams are made of

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