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i could spend all day at crate, london’s craft beer brewery and pizzeria in hackney wick. not only is the pizza delicious, but it’s vegan-friendly when ordered without cheese (the menu even has the v word on it!) and the staff are happy to throw on some extra toppings in place of the dairy. while not all of the beer at crate is suitable for vegans, they are experimenting with animal-free finings and i was able to get a lovely vegan stout on cask. go support this place and their vegan beer when you’re in london. and order the sage truffle pizza with shredded potatoes, it’s mind-blowing. 

vegan fish and chips at coach & horses, london’s first vegetarian pub!




what a time to be alive! london now has it’s very own vegetarian pub—-and i’m not talking about new age hippie stuff—-it’s a proper old traditional pub with meatless versions of traditional pub food! norman’s coach and horses in soho has been well known in the west end for years, and in 2012 the new owner decided to give it an all vegetarian menu with lots of vegan options. we had the “tofush and chips” with vegan tartar sauce…unbelievable! i have eaten vegan fish and chips a few times in my life, and this was by far the best. it even had nori mixed in with the tofu to give it a sea-like flavor. 

be warned, coach and horses is still getting their act together when it comes to serving lunch. on one occasion we arrived and were informed food wouldn’t be served until the evening because of a chef scheduling issue. the owner was very apologetic though, and offered to make it up to us on our next visit. definitely try this place out if you’re ever in london. eating tasty vegan food in a lovely old pub was one of the culinary highlights of my life and i can’t wait to do it again. 



recently traveled to colorado (denver and boulder) for the great american beer festival. food, food, food, food, beer, and food! 


city o’ city in denver (pictured above and below): breakfast burritos, buffalo wings and savory waffles for brunch. pretzels, pizza, and kimchi stew for dinner.




vegan van parked at great divide brewing serving up…


…seitan wings, reubens, cesar salad.


vegan pizza by basic kneads at great divide brewing (they know what vegan means, separate utensils and everything!). 


GABF, avery brewing in boulder, flying dog tasting room.


lodging at the brown palace.


happy hour at root down: sliders and edamame hummus! also a breakfast burrito from sputnik


breakfasting at watercourse: scrambles, burritos, homemade sausage.


dinner at watercourse: seitan wings, draught beer, a benedict special, and ricey tofu dish. 

overall: gorgeous scenery, inventive vegan food, and craft beer…what more can i ask for?

palm springs.

breakfast: a burrito and a bowl from palm greens cafe, with a date shake from nature’s.

riding the aerial tramway.

driving through joshua tree.

the ace hotel.

dinner at palm greens: a reuben, a club, and tiramisu. all vegan of course. 

cabazon dinosaurs on the way back to LA. 

taco del mar and qdoba: vegan fast food burritos!

went to seattle last week and while i was there, i visited 2 upscale mexican fast food chains that i’d never been to before: taco del mar and qdoba. both serve up awesome gigantic vegan-friendly burritos, but taco del mar comes out on top for having the word “vegan” on their menu, and for making my favorite fast food burrito to date. i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

taco del mar beauty wrapped up with a side of hot salsa.

just look at that spinach tortilla, one of many vegan flavors!

it’s what’s inside that counts: black beans (although there are other vegan bean options!), seasoned rice, 3 types of salsa, and pico de gallo. for a full list of what’s vegan at taco del mar (and there’s a lot!) check out their website.

and now for qdoba…

veggie burrito bomb!

i went for the whole wheat tortilla, but white is also an option.

inside was cilantro lime rice, black beans, guacamole and salsa. very chipotle-esque, but even better. for a list of what’s vegan at qdoba, check out the vegan eating out site.

i love burritos, and both of these babies earn high marks from me. like i said earlier, taco del mar’s was extra exceptional…so definitely make it a point to eat there if you ever have the chance.

autumn in seattle

oh how i’d love to live somewhere with seasons…

Boulder CO (Taken with Instagram at Wonderland Lake Park)

Boulder CO (Taken with Instagram at Wonderland Lake Park)

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