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Vegan Pizza Day 2012 Map!

UPDATE: zpizza will also be celebrating vegan pizza day with slices from 11am-2pm and 5pm-7pm. they have way too many locations to add to the map, but you can find them here.

wanna get out and celebrate vegan pizza day on saturday june 30th?! here’s a map of restaurants that are offering up special deals!

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of course you can celebrate vegan pizza day ANYWHERE that serves vegan pizza, we just wanted to give you a heads up about these restaurants. so many areas are represented—-london, california, washington state, oregon, illinois, indiana, new york, pennsylvania, massachusetts, maryland, texas, and more. zoom in on your area to see what’s happening! for more details and info, click on the vegan pizza day tag of this post!

if i am missing anywhere, leave it in the comments and i’ll add it. 

amazing vegan pizza day deal at cruzer pizza!! 30% OFF with this coupon!

amazing vegan pizza day deal at cruzer pizza!! 30% OFF with this coupon!

get your crust stuffed at pizza pi in seattle for vegan pizza day!!

you heard me right: vegan stuffed crust at pizza pi! the all vegan seattle pizzeria is offering to stuff your crust full of teese at no additional charge on saturday june 30th in honor of vegan pizza day. if that’s a bit too decadent for you, feel free to grab a topping of your choice for free. DUDE. I HAVE NEVER HAD VEGAN STUFFED CRUST PIZZA. i have been dying to try it ever since that vegansaurus post. seattle, get on this.

pictured above is the “mushroom lovers”: white garlic sauce, mushrooms, black olives, artichoke hearts and fresh tomatoes, and a stuffed crust!

BTW i haven’t been to pizza pi in years, and their menu is so much better than i remember—-it’s looking like the stuff dreams are made of

vegan pizza day discount at brick oven pizza in baltimore!

the vegan pizza day deals keep coming! on saturday june 30th, brick oven pizza in baltimore will be offering 10% off vegan pizzas! they use teese as a cheese substitute (one of my favorites!) so be sure to go take advantage if you’re in the area.

photo credit: stella f on yelp

dimo’s in chicago celebrates vegan pizza day!

heads up! dimo’s in chicago is celebrating vegan pizza day on saturday june 30th with VEGAN SLICES, plus a free drink with every slice! take one look at their facebook page, and you’ll see they make some pretty creative combos. the one pictured above is "Anaconda Vice with black beans,Upton’s Naturals Chorizon Seitan, vegan bacon bits, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, green onions and Chicago Vegan Foods Teese Mozzarella.”

washington! zeeks pizza will be offering specials on saturday for vegan pizza day!

so awesome to see omnivore pizzerias with such a far reach like zeeks pizza getting involved in vegan pizza day! it’s spreading like wildfire! zeeks has several locations in washington state and they’ll be offering the following deal on saturday june 30th for vegan pizza day…

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capital city bakery in austin celebrates vegan pizza day with pizza pastries!!

incredible! capital city bakery is an all vegan bakeshop in austin, texas and they’ll be celebrating vegan pizza day on saturday with pizza themed pastries!! they’ll have “pizza slice” sugar cookies (decorated with buttercream), and two kinds of dessert pizza (apple cinnamon with an almond glaze, and s’mores)! GO THERE! i love that even dessert places are getting in on vegan pizza day. sooooo excited!

photo credit: capital city bakery via facebook

peace o’ pie in massachusetts will celebrate vegan pizza day!

great news! another one of the country’s very few all vegan pizzerias has signed on for vegan pizza day! peace o’ pie in allston, massachusetts will be offering up special one time only deals on saturday june 30th!! i have always wanted to visit this place…all their food looks insanely delicious. 

photo credit: peace o’ pie’s facebook

strong hearts cafe in syracuse celebrates vegan pizza day early!

what up, new york! vegan pizza day just got a little bit longer for you guys because strong hearts cafe in syracuse is celebrating early this year on friday june 29th! they’ll be offering some new one time only pizza specials just for that day, so be sure to get over there and take advantage! (i have never tried the pizza at strong hearts cafe, because i’ve never been to syracuse, but my friend schramm says it’s the best ever. and he knows pizza.)

photo credit: gord on urbanspoon.

luca on sunset is celebrating vegan pizza day!

i haven’t been to luca on sunset yet, but supposedly they cook up a mean cheeseless pizza (which i have been getting more and more into lately in general). here’s their deal for saturday june 30th: Breakfast, lunch or dinner, all vegan vegetable pizzas will be served with complimentary large serving from fresh juice bar.  (pizza is approx $9.75, complimentary fresh juice value approx. $6.00.  If the guest would like to return for the juice on another visit, we will issue a gift card to return to enjoy at a later date.)

deep dish at follow your heart for vegan pizza day!

sweet!! follow your heart, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in los angeles, will be serving up vegan deep dish pizzas with their signature cheese on saturday june 30th for vegan pizza day! they’ll be offering special deep dish pizzas in 2 traditional flavors: margarita & ‘meat’ lovers, from 10:30am-4pm (or until supplies last). i have heard nothing but incredible things from people i trust about the FYH deep dishes, so check it out!

photo credit:

blackbird pizzeria in philly throws down for vegan pizza day with a BUFFALO WING PIE!

fuck to the yes. blackbird pizzeria in philly is one of very few all vegan pizza parlors in america, and their food is ridiculously amazing. above is a giant slice i ate there in march, and i’m still dreaming about it. 

luckily for philadelphia peeps, blackbird is participating in vegan pizza day on saturday june 30th by offering a special BUFFALO WING PIE. they are tossing some other ideas around as well, but they had me at buffalo wing. don’t miss this once in a lifetime pizza if you’re in the area. blackbird rules. 

celebrate vegan pizza day at portobello in portland!

yipee! portobello in portland is one of the best vegan restaurants in the country (and on the planet!) and they’re rolling out some special pies on june 30th for vegan pizza day. if you are in PDX, hit them up! their pizza is life-alteringly good. and i have reservations there next thursday. so fucking stoked.

vegan pizza day appreciation video!

OMG! vegan pizza day is less than a week away, and what better way to get in the mood than with this song and video made by VeganSmythe! keep rockin’.

urbano pizza bar celebrates vegan pizza day with calzones!

heads up, LA! the extraordinary urbano pizza bar in downtown los angeles is celebrating vegan pizza day with vegan pizza and CALZONE specials on june 30th.

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