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bread machine seitan


totally obsessed with this recipe. it’s super simple. all you do is dump ingredients into a bread machine and hit start, and three hours later you have delicious turkey-flavored seitan. give it a shot! 

VEGAN GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! a public service announcement.


hey guys! i just wanna make a quick little public service announcement on how to find vegan girl scout cookies. as you may or may not know, girl scouts of america get their cookies from one of two bakeries—-little brownies (which has no vegan options) and abc (which has a few vegan options). if you find girl scouts selling abc cookies, the thin mints, peanut butter patties, thanks-a-lot and lemonades are all animal free. SCORE.

for a quick and easy way to tell which bakery the cookies are from, pay attention to the cookie names. little brownies brands their peanut butter cookies as “tag-a-longs” while abc calls them “peanut butter patties”…therefore if you run into girl scouts selling “peanut butter patties”, you are good to go. however, if they’re selling “tag-a-longs”, you are outta luck.

unfortunately the girl scouts in LA get their cookies from little brownie bakers, but vegan cookies can be found just south in orange county where abc is the bakery of choice. my friend david who lives down there was kind enough to send me a few boxes of thin mints and thanks-a-lots, and i’m kinda freaking out. they’re so good, just like i remember, and i haven’t eaten girl scout cookies in over ten years. if you feel like making the trip to the OC to buy some of these babies, you can use this super convenient tool called the girl scout cookie stalker to find out where girls will be selling cookies. 

now go stalk some girl scouts and stock up on thin mints!


VIDEO: vegan raspberry rice crispy treats with clara’s cakes!

heyo! today’s episode of quarrygirl presents is a recipe video with one of our favorite people, local teenage baking sensation clara polito of clara’s cakes!

people may not realize it, but due to ingredients like butter and gelatin, traditional rice crispy treats aren’t vegan…or even vegetarian! in this video clara shows us how to make cruelty-free raspberry rice crispy treats that taste even better than the original using vegan substitutes like earth balance and dandies

watch and learn, and be sure to hit up clara’s cakes for treats next time you’re in LA.

get vegan donuts this weekend from clara’s cakes!!

this weekend just got a whole lot better because clara’s cakes added donuts to the menu at their sunday atwater village farm pop-up event. it has a valentine’s day theme, so you’ll be able to get heart pocket pies, chocolate caliente cookie sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes, and now…DONUTS! vegan donuts are pretty hard to come by in LA, and clara’s are incredible, so you don’t wanna miss this pop up! 

see you sunday 11am-4pm

atwater village farm, 3224 glendale blvd 


new vegan cheese coming soon!!! dairy tree!

so excited about the upcoming launch of dairy tree, a brand new vegan cheese made right here in LA!



their first release is going to be bleu cheese, which makes me super stoked because i have never tasted a decent version of that. i know people who have sampled dairy tree, and i have heard nothing but rave reviews. plus the chef behind it is sara from the vegan spot, and if you guys remember that place, they had the best vegan cheese in the land. be sure to sign up for updates!!!

VEGAN VIDEO: Quarrygirl Presents Susan Feniger’s STREET

hey guys! today’s vegan video is on one of the very best restaurants in los angeles, susan feniger’s STREET. this is the kind of place you want to take your non-vegan friends to show them how amazing meatless food can be. from their inventive all vegetarian tasting menus to their vegan holiday specials, STREET is always pushing the limits of plant-based cuisine and coming up with new delicious experiences. we caught up with chef kajsa alger to learn about the best items on the menu and why everyone can eat together at STREET. 

i could spend all day at crate, london’s craft beer brewery and pizzeria in hackney wick. not only is the pizza delicious, but it’s vegan-friendly when ordered without cheese (the menu even has the v word on it!) and the staff are happy to throw on some extra toppings in place of the dairy. while not all of the beer at crate is suitable for vegans, they are experimenting with animal-free finings and i was able to get a lovely vegan stout on cask. go support this place and their vegan beer when you’re in london. and order the sage truffle pizza with shredded potatoes, it’s mind-blowing. 

VIDEO: quarrygirl presents masa of echo park. authentic chicago deep dish pizza veganized!

i’m so excited about today’s video with masa of echo park! as you probably know, i’m a huge pizza fan, and masa makes my all time favorite vegan version—an authentic chicago deep dish with teese soy cheese. we caught up with owner rob rowe and learned what makes the deep dish special, why it takes so long to bake, and which menu items everyone can enjoy at masa. check it: 

check out more vegan videos and subscribe to me on youtube! 

VIDEO: quarrygirl presents ms. cupcake vegan bakery in london

today quarrygirl presents goes global as we travel to london to check out ms. cupcake, the uk’s first entirely vegan bakery! 

i wish i could be more like owner mellissa morgan aka ms. cupcake. disappointed in the lack of british vegan baked goods when she moved to england from canada, she took matters into her own hands and started making treats in her tiny flat and selling them at a market stall. just three years later, ms. cupcake is a world famous bakery in brixton with over 150 different cupcake varieties, several other dessert lines, savory items, and a cookbook on the way. 

we sat down with mellissa to chat about why she started baking, why all people (not just vegans!) enjoy her desserts, and how cupcakes can provide an inclusive experience. when in london, be sure to check out ms. cupcake—-you won’t regret it! 

VIDEO: quarrygirl presents sage vegan bistro and kindkreme dairy-free ice cream

in this week’s edition of our new vegan video series, we catch up with mollie englehart, the owner of sage vegan bistro and kindkreme dairy-free ice cream parlors. sage has been open less than 2 years, but has already gained a reputation as one of the best vegan spots in los angeles, and is definitely one of my personal favorites. similarly, kindkreme is the go-to place in LA for vegan dessert and has already opened 3 locations! in this video, mollie, who was born and raised vegan, fills us in on what inspired her to open kindkreme and why all foodies should check out sage. 

hot dish supper club! vegan valentine’s day dinner!

i’m beyond excited about LA’s latest culinary super group, hot dish supper club! chefs antoanet “toni” aburto (of chica vegan), denise vallejo (of twice baked vegan), and genise castañeda (of plant food for people) are coming together to create a vegan latin themed pop-up dining experience that will tantalize the tastebuds of herbivores and omnivores alike. their first multi-course dinner and wine pairing will be held on valentines day, and the menu looks phenomenal. check it:


to make a reservation, email, and do it soon because space is limited! an intimate get-together at a private home with fantastic food cooked by three lovely ladies…sounds like a perfect valentines day to me! 

follow hot dish vegan on twitter, instagram, and facebook!

VIDEO: quarrygirl presents hugo’s tacos

hey guys! for this week’s edition of our new vegan video series (subscribe on youtube if you haven’t already!), we’re featuring one of our favorite mexican food joints: hugo’s tacos.

unfortunately, vegan mexican cuisine can be hard to find, thanks to traditionally prevalent ingredients like lard and chicken stock…but hugo’s tacos eschews those animal-based additives in favor of healthier alternatives. an offshoot of the popular hugo’s restaurants brand, the taco stand has two los angeles locations specializing in authentic fare with a fresh vegan twist. we sat down with owner tom kaplan who filled us in on his favorite dishes, the inspiration for the menu, and why everyone loves the vegan food at hugo’s tacos.

vegan mince pie from caffe nero in london.

vegan mince pie from caffe nero in london.

quarrygirl presents: a new vegan video series

Hey guys! It has been over a year since I stopped daily blogging, but my inbox still overflows with questions like “Where should I eat with non-vegan friends?”, “What are your favorite vegan recipes?” and “Which restaurants should I hit up when in LA?”. So, I decided the best answer would be to create a video series highlighting the amazing chefs and restaurants that appeal to vegans and omnivores alike! If you dig the videos, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, give feedback, and share them with your friends. We’ll keep making them if you keep watching them.

In our first episode, watch chef Roi Elam of Sun Cafe in Studio City prepare his award winning vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and tell us why we should all eat at his restaurant.

VEGAN CAVIAR. what the hell?! how is this even possible? if you’re an adventurous eater, you will definitely want to try this stuff. it’s called cavi-art, and it comes in 3 seaweed-based flavors: black, orange, and wasabi. order some now on vegan cuts. it’d be the perfect addition to a swanky holiday or new year’s eve party.

VEGAN CAVIAR. what the hell?! how is this even possible? if you’re an adventurous eater, you will definitely want to try this stuff. it’s called cavi-art, and it comes in 3 seaweed-based flavors: black, orange, and wasabi. order some now on vegan cuts. it’d be the perfect addition to a swanky holiday or new year’s eve party.

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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