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vegan brunch at pepples donut farm in oakland

on a recent trip to the bay area, we were super lucky to be treated to an epic vegan brunch at the donut farm by none other than laura, the queen of one of our favorite blogs ever: vegansaurus! it was so insanely good. fresh donuts, lots of savory items, and giant portions. dear donut farm, please open in LA. dear vegansaurus crew, i can’t wait for you to come to LA so i can take you out and return the favor. here’s what we ate:

biscuits AND DONUTS and gravy! fucking intense. having a breakfast donut covered in gravy is one of the most gluttonous/crazy things i’ve ever eaten, and i loved it. it came with hash browns too.

breakfast burrito w/ mole and potatoes. topped w/ avocado.

waffles w/ fixins and homemade vegan butter.

good old fashioned scramble w/ toast, potatoes, loads of vegetables.

if i lived in the bay area, i’d be at the pepples brunch every weekend! no doubt.

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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