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great news! the new expanded native foods location opens today in westwood! if you’ve ever been to the old location, you probably remember the awkward seating arrangement and ordering process due to limited space. i attended the soft opening of the new space with some friends over the weekend, and i’m happy to report they’ve fixed all the old problems. they’ve completely taken over the restaurant next door, so there is now tons of comfy seating, you order at the counter, and food is brought to your table.

as usual, the food was incredible. we feasted on entrees such the reuben, the oklahoma bacon cheeseburger, and the kale macro bowl as well as appetizers like the maryland tempeh cakes and nachos, plus a slew of desserts. everything was top notch. my only complaint about native foods is that they garnish EVERY dish with bell peppers, which i fucking hate (and this isn’t even disclosed on the menu!). plus, they’re chopped so small that they’re impossible to pick out. so if you hate bell peppers, specify no garnish. sometimes i forget, and then my food is totally ruined.

i’ve heard that chef tanya is no longer involved with native foods, which makes me sad. i hope the new owners continue to fulfill her vision of creative compassionate cuisine that vegans and meat-eaters can enjoy together. so far they’re doing a great job.

go check out the new location when you have a chance!

LA vegan pretzel wars

let’s break it down: there are 2 bars in los angeles that i know of where you can get gigantic soft salty pretzels to soak up your beer binge—-pretzels that also happen to be vegan. i’m talking about golden road brewing in atwater village (or is it glendale?) and bruhaus on wilshire. both of these places do amazing pretzels, but i love competition…so let’s pit them against each other! fight fight!

first up, the bruhaus pretz:

super tasty, baked to a crisp, yet cracked because the inside doughiness just wants to explode out. (i’ve eaten this pretzel several times, and it’s always busted!) bruhaus’ bavarian treat clocks in at 9 bucks, and comes with cheese sauce and garden-variety store bought mustard. obviously hold the cheese to make it vegan. i like to opt for an extra side of their homemade “beetchup” (ketchup made with beets!). the salt is a bit skimpy, and i’m a sodium addict—-but still i’d never say no to this pretzel.

next up, golden road:

massive and expertly cooked every time (crispy with its soft and fluffy innards intact!), this dude clocks in at 7 bucks. it’s covered in crunchy salt crystals and served with the HOTTEST MUSTARD i’ve ever tasted (even hotter than my beloved colman’s!!) and for an extra dollar you can add spicy vegan cheese dip. this pretzel is perfect.

while i will continue to eat both pretzels on the regular, golden road brewery is the clear winner. it’s 2 bucks cheaper, the mustard is better, there’s a vegan cheese option, it’s doesn’t look like it has exploded, it’s saltier…AND, the condiments come in silver dishes instead of plastic ones! the little things count.

don’t take my word for it though, go try both pretzels:

golden road brewing website

bruhaus website

seed bistro to close :(

bummer!! one of my favorite restaurants in LA, seed bistro, is closing its doors on april 28th. hurry up and eat there before it’s too late. 

to read about my epic multi-course meal at seed bistro last year, click here.

here’s the official word on why seed is shutting. SUCH A SHAME!!!i hope i have a chance to sneak in one last meal at the wilshire location.

Chef Eric Lechasseur would like to THANK the friends, family, diners and supporters that have arrived at Seed Bistro over the previous months for your love, generosity, and support.  It has been a true labor of love for us to pursue our dreams.  However, we have received surprising notice from our former business partners in Japan that this location will be closed, effective April 28, 2012.   After great thought and consideration, we have elected to abide by their decision and cease operations at this location.  We have already begun the process of scouting a new location, a location that will include the restaurant as an integral piece of a lager health and wellness center, as per our original vision for Seed Bistro.  As details arrive, we hope to share them with you as soon as possible.  Again, we thank you sincerely for your very generous support of Seed Bistro.  

PLEASE NOTE: Seed Kitchen (1604 Pacific, Venice CA) REMAINS OPEN DAILY - Please stop by SOON and say HELLO. ( | 1604 Pacific Ave Venice, CA | 310.396.1604). 

dessert at seed bistro, one of the finest vegan restaurants in los angeles. chocolate mousse terrine with pistachio nougatine. exquisite! 

dessert at seed bistro, one of the finest vegan restaurants in los angeles. chocolate mousse terrine with pistachio nougatine. exquisite! 

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