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great news! the new expanded native foods location opens today in westwood! if you’ve ever been to the old location, you probably remember the awkward seating arrangement and ordering process due to limited space. i attended the soft opening of the new space with some friends over the weekend, and i’m happy to report they’ve fixed all the old problems. they’ve completely taken over the restaurant next door, so there is now tons of comfy seating, you order at the counter, and food is brought to your table.

as usual, the food was incredible. we feasted on entrees such the reuben, the oklahoma bacon cheeseburger, and the kale macro bowl as well as appetizers like the maryland tempeh cakes and nachos, plus a slew of desserts. everything was top notch. my only complaint about native foods is that they garnish EVERY dish with bell peppers, which i fucking hate (and this isn’t even disclosed on the menu!). plus, they’re chopped so small that they’re impossible to pick out. so if you hate bell peppers, specify no garnish. sometimes i forget, and then my food is totally ruined.

i’ve heard that chef tanya is no longer involved with native foods, which makes me sad. i hope the new owners continue to fulfill her vision of creative compassionate cuisine that vegans and meat-eaters can enjoy together. so far they’re doing a great job.

go check out the new location when you have a chance!

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