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vegan at SFO airport

if you’re ever flying out of san franciso, be sure to book virgin america from SFO…because that means you’ll get to leave from terminal 2, which is crazy vegan-friendly.

go to terminal 2, seek out plant cafe, and you won’t be sorry. they have vegan burgers, wraps, quinoa plates, baked goods, and more…AT AN AIRPORT, PEOPLE! here’s what we ate:

an asian wrap with tofu and vegetables.

a vegan burger made of beets (it was excellent!).

a vegan cupcake, just because you gotta.

prices were a bit high, but that goes for ALL food at airports. and plant wasn’t the only airport resto with meatless options, there was a wine bar next door with a few clearly labeled vegan menu items.

yay san francisco! 

i eat, i drink, i take lots of photos.

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